Assisting in the production with Florian Kaltenbach and TF Sport on this sensational short film, BAM Motorsport Promotions helped in the creation and internal communications of this British GT Championship film, whilst advising in a sporting capacity.

faceoff Racing from Florian Kaltenbach on Vimeo.

Production Company: self-commissioned
Producer: Natalie Wetherell
Director: Florian Kaltenbach
Cinematographer: Matt Murray
1st AC: Ollie Whittaker
Key-Grip: Jonny Greenwood | Hayfisher
Rigging: Liam Matthews | Hayfisher

Driver (featured): Nicki Thiim | TF Sport, Aston Martin Racing
Driver: Mark Farmer | TF Sport
Radio-Voice: Mike Pickup | TF Sport

Owner TF Sport: Tom Ferrier
1st Mechanic: Chris Gregory
Team Co-ordinator: Emma Laddiman
PR + Marketing TF Sport: Earl Alexander | BAM Motorsport Promotions