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BAM Motorsport Management is a part of the BAM Motorsport Group of companies based in the UK and operating Internationally as a specialist in the Management of Racing Drivers, Racing Teams and those with a vested interest in the Business of Motorsport.

Representing Clients on four continents for over 10 years, BAM advises and directs the careers of Professional, Amateur and aspiring racing drivers to ensure financial wellbeing and sporting success through our extensive network and expertise in the field of Motorsport.

Under the direction of David Madgwick, BAM represents some of the world’s best in their field and some of the most promising emerging talents from the world of GT, Prototypes and Single Seaters with drivers competing in Europe, USA, Asia and Australasia.


• To give professional Racing Drivers increased wealth and success on the track and to protect their interests in sporting and financial matters
• To bring on emerging talent and make the transition from amateur to professional status, raising the profile and increasing opportunities
• To reduce the cost of motorsport for the amateur and ensure the best value in their racing.


• Best advice on driving and career choices
• Contractual analysis and guidance
• Best value analysis
• Knowledge-based advice and guidance in all motorsport related matters
• Introductions and opportunity sharing
• Profile management and visibility
• Taxation guidance and support
• Safety net between employer and professional driver or team and paying driver


• Full managed driver Status
• Specific advice on ad hoc basis
• Profile managed and supported


We treat each driver of an individual basis so there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to fees. Typically, a professional driver would pay BMM a retainer or a percentage of income which can vary dependant on levels of income, source of income and also an increased revenue benefit.

Drivers who are paying for their racing typically pay an annual management fee which allows the best advice on where and what to spend on their hobby, giving professional benefits to an amateur driver and ensuring the best value and financial protection that will far out-way the cost of the fees.

Aspiring drivers and those new to racing can engage with a fee rachet that is commensurate with their talent and potential. Creating a longer-term approach to potential earnings and success for both parties.

Find out how we can help you succeed in motorsport

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