Started P37 Currently P37 Class Position P4

Kevin Gleason completed the first stint for the Cayman GT4 without drama in hot conditions with air temperatures pushing 28 degrees.

A strong start saw Gleason up to P32 and P3 in class early on and after a period of code 60 ran consistently pressuring the P2 Cayman of ALFAB Racing but as the stint continued Gleason dropped back with overheating tyres leaving the car struggling for grip in the baking conditions.

“The car was really very difficult to drive the tyres offering no grip whatsoever causing severe oversteer when I was pushing so I had to ease back. Hopefully as the temperatures come down later the grip levels will return and we can get back on it”

Gleason handed the car to Nick Holden for the 2nd stint.


Started P37 Currently P34 Class Position P5

Nick Holden completed the 2nd stint for the OCC Newbridge Cayman GT4 without any drama as the hot sun continued to beat down on the Paul Ricard track. Running a consistent pace around the 2/30 mark to combat the performance of the tyre on the hot tarmac.

“That was ok” said Holden “The car felt to my liking and I found that once the initial performance of the tyre went away it remained consistent and I was able to maintain a good pace”

Holden handed the car over to fellow Englishman Ricky Coomber for his first run in the car during the race.


Started P37 Currently P29 Class Position P4

Ricky Coomber continued the steady progress for OCC LASIK Racing with Newbridge Motorsport bringing the Cayman up through the field and breaking into the top 30 for the first time.

The stint was marred by a long period of code 60 when the SP3 class rival Ginetta was involved in a huge crash whilst being lapped by a Porsche 911 in turn 7. Thankfully the driver emerged unscathed but the car was definitely not able to continue giving up the class lead and a position to the OCC car.

Coomber found the cars handling consistent with the previous drivers with pace dictated by the tyres and the heat.

Fareed Ali now takes the wheel for the first time in his first ever 24H endurance race

Holden handed the car over to fellow Englishman Ricky Coomber for his first run in the car during the race.


Started P37 Currently P31 Class Position P5

Fareed Ali exceeded expectations on his first stint at the wheel of the Cayman Gt4 improving on his best practice time by over 5 seconds.

As the sun started to set Ali completed his stint which was interrupted by another code 60 period when 2 cars collided heavily on the start finish straight

In typical racing driver fashion Ali bemoaned traffic for preventing him going even faster but there was no disguising the smiles having completed a successful run.

Coomber now takes over for his second stint reversing the driver order leaving Kevin Gleason  to run later into the evening when the team can mount a challenge to move up the class order.


Started P37 Currently P30 Class Position P3

OCC Racing with Newbridge moved into P3 in class after a great stint by Ricky Coomber but are engaged in a nip and tuck battle with the South African Racing Ginetta G55 for the podium spot in SP3 Class

Coomber drove the stint from sunset into darkness notoriously a difficult transition but as the temperatures cooled and the times dropped this wasn’t any problem for the team as Coomber handed the car to Nick Holden for his second stint

“It’s up to Nick now” joked Coomber “I’ve set it up for him (P3) so he’s got to go out and deliver!”

Spirits are high in the camp and the car is running nicely


Started P37 Currently P32 Class Position P4

9 hours into the 24-hour race and a real battle is developing in the SP3 class with 3 cars on the same lap battling for P3. Nick Holden brought the Cayman in after his second stint in P4 just behind the BMW M3 of JR Motorsport and ahead of Le Mans winner Jan Lammers in the South African Ginetta entry

Fareed Ali will now take over the car for his second stint and his first stint in the night before handing the reins to Kevin Gleason who will take the fight to the SP3 class through the night.


Started P37 Currently P31 Class Position P5

10 1/2 hours in and the night shift well and truly underway. Ali runs a solid stint and brings the car back to the pits for a pad and disc change and running repairs to a damaged splitter. As the night progressed time has been lost on the battle for the SP3 podium

American Gleason takes the refreshed Cayman back into battle for a charge to re-join the SP3 battle

Ali “At first I was a bit freaked out of the pits by some really aggressive GT3 cars but after a lap I settled into it and found a good rhythm, I had a couple of scary moments pushing hard and nearly came into the back of a slow car as I pulled out to pass a Clio but I wish it could have lasted longer, I was really enjoying it”


Started P37 Currently P33 Class Position P5

Kevin Gleason  runs 2-hour maximum stint having pitted early when tyre pressure got too high running at 2.25 pace. Opting to change strategy mid stint, the team fuelled the Cayman GT4 to let Gleason have a free run to the 2-hour maximum mark.

However, a long code 60 for a fire on board the Vortex V8 changed strategy again to take advantage of the 60 kmph period.

Nick takes over from Kevin for his 3rd stint if the race.


Started P37 Currently P38 Class Position P5

The right rear hub studs sheared off which damaged the rim while Nick was driving. The Briton managed to bring the Cayman to the pits, where the team spent over an hour replacing the disgraced pieces with success. The OCC LASIK Racing with Newbridge Motorsport aims to complete the remaining 8.30 hours.

Ricky Coombes took over and is currently completing the last few laps while the sky is getting brighter, Kevin Gleason will be soon at the wheel trying to make up some lost ground.


Started P37 Currently P37 Class Position P5

The team continues to recover from the hub failure in the night but remains down the order and incredible reliability by fellow competitors saw no gains through attrition with zero retirements.

Kevin Gleason lapped solidly and remained in the car for a second half stint having topped off with fuel early to maximise the 2-hour maximum stint times permitted.


Started P37 Currently P36 Class Position P5

Gleason hands the car over to Fareed Ali after delivering the cars fastest lap of the race with a 2.23 after 18 hours of racing.

The car showing a few battle scars from the events of the night but obviously running well.

“My first stint was really good” said Gleason “I was able to push early on and do a time but as has been the way all race we used the tyres really hard and then the performance of the tyre just dropped off”


Started P37 Currently P36 Class Position P5

Fareed Ali suffered another rear left hub failure on his outlap but, after a very tough night, the OCC LASIK Racing with Newbridge Motorsport crew have managed to repair all the damage on the rear end in less than an hour and the Cayman is back at cruising the French Circuit Paul Ricard track. Everyone is determined on completing the first 24h race!


Started P37 Currently P36 Class Position P5 

Amazing last couple of hours that typifies endurance racing. Fareed Ali taking over from Kevin Gleason at 08.20 found himself stranded on track with the left rear detached. Recovered under the gaze of the tv cameras to the pits the damage looked pretty terminal but after a sterling effort by the Newbridge Motorsport crew the car was back on track inside an hour later with Ali pushing as the hours to the end of the race ticking away.

These are the efforts that make the difference

Ali said “I left the pits and for 4/5 corners it felt fine but then there was some vibration and then I lost power, and then I was off and soon on a truck back to the pits!” Amazing job by the guys, shame that we lost ground and I lost stint time but now this is all about getting the car to the finish”

Ricky Coomber couldn’t leave the pits as the rear left rim got stuck, but the Milton Keynes team is working on it, not giving up on the race!


Started P37 Currently P36 Class Position P5 

All the perseverance and hard work from the  pit crew repairing the cayman hub problems paid off! Fareed is getting ready while the boys take care of finishing touches. We will be out to take the checkered flag!